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Dr.Kalpit N Goswami

Dr.Kalpit Goswami is a registered Ayurved doctor. His utmost sincerity and dedication to serving mankind by contributing health and wellness of society led him to choose Ayurveda as the career. He has pursued his B.A.M.S. (Bachelor of Ayurved medicines & Surgery) degree from the world-famous "Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar."  Dr.Kalpit Goswami has expertise in Weight management and weight loss treatments and therapies and also treating chronic disorders like Arthritis, Infertility, digestive disorders, & skin diseases to name a few. The amalgamation of classical Ayurveda principles with scientific modern approach has been a key factor of Dr.Goswami’s diagnosis & treatment parameters. Seasoned Ayurveda Practitioner with 5 Years of experience in the field of Ayurveda. He is specialized in the area of Preventive and Curative disease segment. The treatments and therapy he chooses with the patient targeted to find out the root cause of the problem/disease and treat it with ease. He is up to the best with contemporary Ayurveda technology and practices that make his treatments patient-friendly and most appropriate. Propelled with entrepreneur skills and zeal to cure the maximum number of peoples, he started Advait Ayurved Cure Center. Within a short period, Advait Ayurveda became the recognized name and a place for hope to many people suffering from Diabetes, Obesity, B.P. Thyroid, and other complicated diseases. Apart from center activities, many trusts arrange camps in their area and invite him for his valuable services.

Additionally, He has worked as Medical Officer (Ayu) class-2 at Government Ayurveda Dispensary Dist-Gandhinagar for two years. He has also worked as M.O at Rashtriya bal swasthya karykram led by Govt. of India He follows strictly time-tested principles of Ayurved health science and helps people live happily with better health and curing the disease completely of roots. Dr.Kalpit Goswami is active on Social Media to spread awareness regarding lifestyle diseases and has given a series of lectures on precautions and treatments. He also organizes camps in urban and rural areas to reach out mass for the Ayurveda Awareness.

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