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Swedana: Swedana is commonly known as steam therapy in India. The procedure is done by inducing sweat with the help of steam and medicated herbal decoctions. The process is done after snehana and before the administration of Pradhana karma in Panchkarma treatment. The main objective behind this therapy is to dilate the channels of the […]

Nasya Karma

Nasya karma: The nose is considered as one of the most effective pathways to an inner pharmacy. Medications that are given through nasal passage affect the mind directly. Nasya karma is one such therapy in which drug is inserted through nostrils. One of the highly effective panchakarma therapies this treatment works wonderfully for those who […]


Thyroid Treatment with help of Ayurvea : The thyroid is a small butterfly-like gland that generates many hormones that are responsible to control multiple functions in our body such as how fast our heartbeats and how fast our calories are burning. Our thyroid secrets hormones that are collectively termed as thyroid hormones. Any irregularity in […]

Kati Basti

Our changing lifestyle and activities have a huge negative impact on our body. But the most common problem we are facing today due to lowered immunity, stress or bad body postures is lower back pain. Ayurveda has incredible remedies for lower back pain and other related deasess and one such remedy is Kati Basti. Kati […]


Ayurved offers solutions to hundreds of chronic physical and mental problems. One such solution that is appreciated for its incredible effect is Udvartana Massage therapy. The massage got its name from Udvarthanam that means upward movement. The technique of massage is different from others and is specially used for lymphatic cleansing and reducing cellulite and […]

Vamana – Ayurvedic Treatment in Ahmedabad

Ayurvedic treatment has always proved as one of the best ways to treat chronic deases and some of the ayurvedic treatment is even recommended by medical practitioners and Vamana Panchkarma Therapy is one of those. Vamana Karma is commonly known as Medical vomiting that has emerged as one of the most effective treatments for kaphaj […]

Weight lose

How to lose weight fast with Ayurveda – no starving, no counting calories! Want to lose weight naturally and quickly? Did you know that the ancient Indian practice of Ayurveda can help you achieve your weight loss goals? Ayurveda is designed to treat the whole person, not just a disease – making it more than […]

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